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New Oven for SAGE

The SAGE Garden and the SAGE Project of Queen Street, Moruya are famous for lots of things, but arguably more famous for one thing above everything else is their food and specifically their pizzas at the many community get-together event s they host throughout the year.

For years, the have managed with their very cool, but very small tandoor/pizza oven combo, cooking one pizza at a time calling upon their guest's patience at big events more than once.

But finally, they have the funds to start work on a proper job outdoor kitchen and the first order of business is a much bigger wood fired pizza oven.

While the SAGE Project are very proud that their members have constructed and created just about all of their infrastructure, in this case, they let the professionals take charge.

Verona Ovens is a local business (Verona is near Qaama) and has a formidable reputation for building and installing both commercial and domestic wood fired ovens.

Once fired up, the pizza production line will ramp up dramatically. Not only that, after the oven cools down the next day, they can bake bread in it much to the delight of the excited members on the SAGE events and catering team right now.

And it is all made possible by everyone who has ever attended a SAGE event and supported their fundraising efforts.