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MUST WATCH: Grace Tame addresses the National Press Club

Please, please watch this video. Gather the family around. Bring your children to the discussion. This address to the National Press Club should be played across the globe. Here is a leader. Here is a human who wants nothing more than the return of humanity. The video is 22 minutes. Twenty two minutes delivering a message that MUST be heard and actioned. Twenty two minutes that will leave you thinking.

VIDEO: "We have 3 key asks to better our nation": Grace Tame addresses the National Press Club | ABC News "I am not just an advocate for women. I am an advocate for all survivors of child sexual abuse, many of whom are male.

"We must preserve that nuance, every nuance, in our discussions. We cannot forget our boys, and we cannot forget out men — not only as welcome, equal participants in this ongoing conversation, and without ignoring many negative patriarchal customs — we cannot forget our boys and men who are fellow survivors of abuse.

"Yes, statistics say that perpetrators are more often than not men.

"Yes, statistics say that women are overrepresented in the survivor category.

"But statistics are not people. People are people — not political footballs, not disposable news items — people."

— Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame speaking at the National Press Club.

7.30 reports: Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame have become the faces of a generation demanding more for women and survivors of sexual assault. They appeared together at the National Press Club today, reflecting on a tumultuous year lived in the public spotlight amidst the white heat of a debate about justice for women.


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