Movie Night - Screening of The Anthropologist - March 20th

Movie Night at Soul Tribe Studio 57 Beach Rd, Catalina

The Anthropologist

Friday 20th March 7.15pm - 9.15pm Free or by donation The Anthropologist, is an enlightening and entertaining film about a mother and daughter team who travel the world working with indigenous communities on climate change issues. The film takes place over five years through four different locations; Siberia, the Kiribati Islands in the South Pacific, the Virginia coast of the Chesapeake Bay, and Peru. The story follows the adventures of Susie and her daughter, Katie, as they learn about the effects of climate change on centuries-old indigenous communities.

Susie, Professor of Anthropology at George Mason University in Washington D.C., is visiting Australia on a Fellowship at Melbourne University, where she is researching and developing the concept of Storying Climate Change. Her international work with indigenous communities and climate change brings new understanding of the ways we think about climate change, adaptations and resilience. Katie Yegorov-Crate, Susie’s daughter, was born in the Sakha Republic in Siberia, grew up in Fairfax, Virginia. Now working and studying in international relations, she has grown up with the richness of belonging to two very different cultures.

The Anthropologist is a unique documentary adventure, filmed by Mary Catherine Bateson, daughter of well known anthropologist, Margaret Mead. This film is part of a film series which Soul Tribe is hosting, to explore environmental and social issues related to climate change and the possibilities for our future. The Question and Answer session after the movie, will give people a chance to learn more about Susie’s work with climate change, and to explore what some of the issues mean from a local to a global level.

Bring your favourite cushion and movie snacks. No bookings needed. All donations go towards Susie's expenses