Malua Bay Master Plan Pop-up well attended

Letter to the Editor

Malua Bay Master Plan Pop-up well attended

Today, despite the inclement weather, the Malua Bay beach was well attended with only two swimmers taking to the water but the locals gathered round the Eurobodalla tent – sometimes three deep to hear the plans for their foreshore.

Fingers were pointed, hands swept across the grass area and a few clipboards with survey forms were handed out. Community, Arts and Recreation Services Director and five other staff were in attendance, willing to explain and listen to the communities concerns, ideas and suggestion for improvements. They were also willing to fill in the survey form on your behalf!

Lions Club members offered some free “post democracy” sausages and a drink to those that attended and some who wanted a return on their rates. A great effort by the Lions Club.

Talking to many of the attendees after they had given their input, it was clear that they were pleased that their small contribution may well have been heard by the project team. It was obvious that they had missed many unexplained “improvements” which they were surprised when explained to them.

The main points gathered were:

  • more bench style seating along the beach front

  • more trees and shade over BBQ and picnic tables

  • simpler pram, walkers and wheelchair access in the park and from the southern car park

  • redesign the path along beach front

  • move the proposed exercise hub to south of the Surf Club (area 15)

  • the new toilet facility should have an empathetic design

It was obvious during the four hour pop-up that not a single younger generation person provided feed back but hopefully their requirements and suggestions will be sought and considered.

The overwhelming sense was that the new Councillors had turned a corner and like their Federal counterparts they have started to listen to the community. The test will be if only selected input will be accepted and the plan will remain essentially the same. We understand they have a hidden – below the surface, excuse to maintain the current plan – interesting.

If you missed the opportunity to give feed back use the Council Feed Back Form here

Harry Watson Smith

Local Malua Bay Resident