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Local author adds to his 'Owerd the Briton' Chronicles

James Gault describes himself as a simple ex-mariner who spent much of his life at sea mucking around in ships and boats. That was the relatively adventurous part, encompassing a good slice of the world and its ever-changing challenges and joys, from violent wars and cyclones to glorious sunrises and oceans of tranquillity.

These days the semi-retired ex-Navy Captain is a resident in Sunshine Bay where the stability of reading and writing seem more preferable. Jim's works are mainly fiction but often based around real-world events where the reader is left to make their own mind up as to what could be real and what not.

Jim's most recent publication, Sea Lord, is the second in the series,“Owerd the Briton”, that has just been released on Amazon [ ] and continues the historical saga that began in the lead-up to the Norman invasion of Britain. The Owerd series is captivating historical fiction about Saxon England in the 1060s and grim prospects for a man called Owerd, a Briton, the son of a miller, and the looks of a Dane.

For Owerd the Church beckons, as does a warrior life but he must first learn his ‘station’ with frequent humiliation. Fate lends a hand in rewarding his courage but as his lot improves the Normans invade. Does he fight them or aid them?

His loyalties are tested by events involving violence, loss, love and fate as he tries to manage the balance between security and oppression.

Step back in time to late 11th century England, where the Normans have invaded and are pursuing total domination. Owerd the Briton, a lowly rural knight, is trying to find his way. Can he do what he believes to be right amidst ongoing oppression and under the watchful eyes of a potentially merciless king? Enemies build round him even as he gains the king’s favour and he is given a task well beyond his expectation or experience. Both he and his lady love live under constant threat.


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