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Great Grandmother launches climate sit-in

On a hot October morning Moruya resident Russelle Wannell began to ‘sit’ for climate action as a statement of deep concern about Australia’s inadequate efforts to reduce emissions. Each Friday morning, Russelle, who is 78 years old, will sit outside council chambers in Moruya. Russelle says she feels compelled to take action at this time of climate emergency. She says, “I think young Greta has set the ball rolling and what I want to do is get the ball rolling for the older generation who have let this climate crisis become a reality. We knew about the likely-hood of a world climate problem way back in 1960’s when it began to emerge that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were growing through human activity and contributing to warming. "So, I intend to sit for two reasons; to say sorry for our generation not following through with what was known in the 60’s. And now the very likelihood of a very different world, for my 10 grandchild, 12 Great-grandchildren and future generations, to deal with. That’s all, nothing world shattering just bearing witness to what is now an undeniable fact. "If anyone wishes to come sit with me that would be wonderful. The time for words is long gone. Now is the time for action even if it is sitting.”

Russelle will sit between 9am and 11am each Friday morning. You are welcome to join her for as long or as little time as you can.


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