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Eden-Monaro (ALP 0.8%); Gilmore (ALP 2.6%) identified as seats to watch

Eden-Monaro and Gilmore have been identified as seats to watch in the lead-up to the May 21st election. Both Kristy McBain, Member for Eden Monaro, and Fiona Phillips, Member for Gilmore have already garnered solid ground across their electorates have been relentless in their advocacy for their regions. While the current incumbents came in with slim margins during the last election (Eden-Monaro (ALP 0.8%) and Gilmore (ALP 2.6%) ) the popularity of both of the members has increased with their hands on approach and the results they have been able to achieve for their regions. The Liberal party on the other hand have a lot of catching up to do. Their candidate in Gilmore is not "flavour of the month" with the South East with many believing he failed them by walking away mid-term at a NSW State level to pursue Federal Politics. This will be the second time he has stated he would contest for a Federal seat. The last time he considered contesting Eden Monaro and withdrew his intent the day after the announcement when the criticisms began mounting. Now that Liberal candidate has decided to contest Gilmore where there are fewer voters aware of his track record in the south however that might come back to bite him as his name carries baggage from his time in office at a State level. In Eden Monaro the "Captain's Pick" has just been announced with the electorate wondering who the candidate is, given he is an unknown to most of Eden Monaro. Possibly the only thing either of the Liberal candidates for Eden Monaro or Gilmore have going for them is their association with the "Big L" end of town having been given the thumbs up by the Prime Minister. That "Thumbs Up" might also prove the death of the Liberal candidates, especially in Eden Monaro where their once-could-have-been champion, Fiona Kotvojs, has been beaten at the polls three ties in a row. Meanwhile other parties have declared their candidates and there will no doubt be a few independents thrown into the mix. Will Labor retain their slim hold or will they come home with a much larger swing as voters protest the Prime Minister who appears to be slipping in the polls at such regularity that one wonders if he will survive the next four weeks. Stay tuned.


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