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Councilors: Better off without them if they continue to fail to communicate

The Beagle Editor,

Recent correspondences with our Local Council, Councillors and the Senior Hierarchy, indicates the elected councillors have no idea of processes under the Guidelines and Regulations of the NSW Local Government Act. Written questions to councillors are ignored and left unanswered. But the same questions are responded to by Councils Staff employed by the shires residents and ratepayers, truthfully when they had no choice but to be open and honest. Embarrassingly the elected generally are unaware of what replys are provided under their delegated authority or on their behalf signed off by the Mayor without any consultation with councillors before the Royal "We" is applied to a response. This is a significant matter in reality that will certainly require all nine of the elected to justify why they are needed at all. Potentially wasting around $500,000 of the shires residents money in their positions of public elected representatives !!

Allan Brown