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Constance starts his campaign offering "consequences" if Labor gets in

The Liberal candidate for Gilmore has issued a "warning" by batched-email to would be supporters saying: "At this election you have a choice. And there will be real consequences for Australia.

"Anthony Albanese, and his Labor candidate would weaken our economy and put Australia’s recovery at risk.

"This election will be close.

"The alternative is a Labor Party that cannot manage money, and will come after yours." While the candidate warns of consequences and mentions weakening the economy he fails to provide any explanation or detail. It is in fact an unbased claim. Surely just four weeks out from an election he could provide details rather than simply resort to an unsubstantiated slur. The candidates website celebrates a Federal Government investment of $752 million in the Milton Ulladulla Bypass, with an expected total cost of $920 million, yet he appears to have forgotten that Moruya is also in Gilmore and there is no mention of the Moruya Bypass. In the coming four weeks there will be leaflets and letter drops, robocalls and door knocks. It will be important that each and all of us do our research and fact check what is said. Cheap shots across the bow to denigrate the other candidates and their policies have no place in 2022 politics. We deserve better than that. If you come across anything you think is petty politics, false aggrandisement, lies or otherwise send it to beagleweeklynews@gmail.com so we can Fact Check it.