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Broulee Runners Wednesday April 12th 2023

The first run during the Easter Holidays attracted 50 starters. The perfect conditions made for some excellent times.

In the 2-kilometres personal best times were recorded by James Gunn, Jye Dunn, Erin Patrick, Will Johnson, Rocco Lopresti, Lucinda Mitchell, Bernie Lambert, Michelle Mitchell, Serina Dunn, and Helen Okey.

In the 3-kilometres personal best times were recorded by Samson Kennedy, Ben Rosenbaum, and Julianne Domeny.

In the 4-kilometres personal best times were recorded by Anthony Kennedy, Dave Connaughton, Robert Dunne, and David West.

Broulee Runners featuring in the Canberra Running festival next weekend are Michael Lambert and Matt Johnsen in the Marathon. Bernie Lambert, Matt Lambert, Lauren Evans, Brendan Gorzalki, and Anthony Kennedy in the Half Marathon. We wish them well and look forward to their results.

2 Kilometres

James Gunn 8.48

Mollie Kennedy 8.57

Janelle De Frenza 9.45

Jye Dunn 10.04

Angus Delaney 10.08

Erin Patrick 10.14

Lewis Gunn 10.52

Will Johnson 11.17

Theo De Frenza 11.28

Rocco Lopresti 11.44

Laura Lopresti 12.13

Lotte Knobel 12.19

Regina Knobel 12.24

Amelia Jones 12.41

Lucinda Mitchell 13.05

Bernie Lambert 13.06

Michelle Mitchell 13.15

Emma Kennedy 14.14

Julie Amphlett 15.04

Lily Williams 17.05

David McCann 17.37

Serena Dunn 18.08

Helen Okey 18.09

Lily McLachlan 21.42

3 Kilometres

Samson Kennedy 11.49

Ben Rosenbaum 14.05

Emma Dawson 14.06

Grace Johnson 14.07

Eliza Dawson 14.20

Alba Murphy 15.51

Julianne Domeny 18.21

Abbie Johnson 18.51

Nick Johnson 19.01

Justine Beaumont 19.53

4 Kilometres

Anthony Kennedy 13.56

Scott Melgaard 15.00

Paige Connaughton 17.03

Rob Kellett 17.39

Stephen Seidel 18.01

Dave Connaughton 18.06

Jackie Snowball 18.46

Isla Murphy 19.04

Andrew McPherson 19.40

Laura Bocking 19.44

Robert Dunne 20.23

Andrew Greenway 20.43

Robyn Smith 21.08

Mick Lambert 21.10

David West 21.11

Deb Connaughton 23.09

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