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Broulee Runners Wednesday 19th 2023

Tonight, was very special in the history of the Broulee Runners with Deb Connaughton recording her 500th run. Deb started on the 27 February 2008 and has been a regular since that time. She has been the starter and timekeeper for most of the time since her commencement. This has required her to do her run earlier in the day. This obviously requires strong self-discipline to be able to push herself without the competition.

She has been singularly responsible for the strong interest in the event by marketing it on Facebook each week. The presentation has lots of followers and there are always lots of comments. Even if she is in a remote location or overseas, she still presents the Facebook page.

She always puts in strong performances when the opportunity presents itself. Her first 5-kilometres in 2008 was 28.10 and she reduced this time to 25.21. So, it is fitting that tonight in the 4-kilometres and being able to run with the group, she ran a personal best time of 20.20, which is an improvement of 46 seconds.

Out of the 25 results this evening we had 7 personal best times and one equal PB. In the 2-kilometres the improvers were Aren Shannon, Ashlee Beby, Leo, and Max Richards. In the 4-kilometres the improvers were Rob Kellett, Brad Turner, Deb Connaughton, and Meg Edenborough equalled her PB of 24.47.

Special thanks to Damien and Judy Kennedy, who have provided the run with more Broulee Runners shirts on their return from Bali today.

Above: Deb Connaughton with some of the younger runners.

2 Kilometres

Arden Shannon 9.56

Ashlee Beby 10.04

Daniel Beby 10.08

Leo Richards 13.02

Max Richards 13.03

Jala Shannon 13.04

Remy Shannon 14.18

Marcus Richards 14.19

Julie Amphlett 14.31

David McCann 17.32

Richard Fisher 21.18

Han De Grave 28.31

3 Kilometres

James Gunn 13.57

Lewis Gunn 14.38

Julianne Domeny 19.18

Gill Stapleton 28.00

Lulu Henley 28.01

4 Kilometres

Rob Kellett 16.31

Brad Turner 17.49

Dave Connaughton 18.35

Nuno Goncalves 18.36

Deb Connaughton 20.20

Sam Robinson 21.22

May Adler 23.13

Meg Edenborough 24.47


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