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Broulee Runners December 29th 2021

The last run for 2021 was special as we were able to attract larger numbers for the first time since the end of June when were plunged into isolation. Of the 56 runners, we had lots of visitors from other parts of NSW, Victoria, and the ACT. We welcomed the McFarland family consisting of Angus, Hannah, and Sophie. Franke and Scott Lang from Melbourne, Aliza Levy, Jake and Gen Trevaskis, Finn Baxter, Anna and Kate Crisp, Lachlan and Stewart Hindmarsh and George and Penny Page.

In the 2-kilometres personal best time were recorded by Anna, Mollie, and Nellie Johnson. In the 5-kilometres PBs were recorded by Eli Sleeman. Rosie McPartland, Zara Menzies-Stegbauer and Jason Hawkins.

Results of the 56 starters are as follows:

2 Kilometres

Mollie Kennedy 8.11 Samson Kennedy 9.36 Hannah McFarland 11.44 Anna Johnson 11.44 Emma Kennedy 12.37 Mollie Johnson 14.53 Nellie Johnson 14.56 Judy Kennedy 15.45 Frankie Laing 16.28 Sophie McFarland 16.35 Angus McFarland 16.36

3.5 Kilometres

Mark Kennedy 17.42 Bradley Lunn 20.19 Annabelle Snow 21.01 Sandra Lunn 21.07 Stephanie Lunn 21.08 Scott Laing 21.48 Rachel Cootes 22.02 Justine Beaumont 23.47 Aliza Levy 26.19 Annie Johnsen 27.55 David McCann 30.18

5 Kilometres

Georgie Cox 18.00 Matt Johnsen 18.13 Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.24 Anthony Kennedy 18.40 Thomas Menzies-Stegbauer 18.51 Matt Edenborough 19.09 Anthony Sleeman 19.58 Gabriel Kennedy 20.54 Matt Lambert 21.06 Jake Trevaskis 21.44 Finn Baxter 21.52 Gen Trevaskis 22.12 Paige Connaughton 22.40 Charlie Snow 24.28 Eli Sleeman 24.32 Dave Connaughton 24.53 Kate Crisp 25.35 Rosie McParland 25.37 Zara Menzies-Stegbauer 25.48 Jason Menzies-Stegbauer 25.49 Jason Hawkins 26.29 Lachlan Hindmarsh 26.41 Karen Harding-Smith 26.55 Deb Connaughton 27.28 Rocky Hawkins 28.33 Stephen Seidel 28.50 Stewart Hindmarsh 29.19 Anna Crisp 31.07 Simon Wall 33.21 Lisa Robbins 34.20 George Page 38.47 Penny Page 38.51 Robyn Kennedy 46.02 Richard Fisher 58.34

Above: a great turnout on a long awaited lovely afternoon


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