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Bega Valley Council to consider Climate Emergency motion Aug 28th

On Wednesday 28th of August BVSC Greens Councillor Cathy Griff will put forward a Climate Emergency motion for BVSC to recognise a local and global climate emergency and place climate emergency action at the forefront of Council planning strategies and planning decisions.

The motion will be spoken to on the day by young people, school children, parents and farmers from the local area from 12pm.

The motion should be discussed and voted on at approximately 2.15pm.

Climate Action Mobilisation Bega Valley (CAM) and Extinction Rebellion Bega Valley are planning some key events around this climate emergency motion to highlight the importance of leadership at all levels of government to enact emergency action to combat climate disruption and protect future generation from the catastrophic impacts of unaddressed global heating.

CAM and XR Bega Valley members will be attending Council to congratulate BVSC by holding events outside council if BVSC vote to add the community’s voice to the growing number of Councils and Govts world wide calling for emergency action on climate disruption.

The wider community is invited to come along and listen to the presentations and to the debate in Council on the issue.