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A test for Council?

The Beagle Editor,

Do I remember Council warning candidates in the recent Council elections not to put up How-to-Vote signs along our roads, at risk of, was it $1000 fines? But here, along one of our major roads, George Bass Drive in Lilli Pilli, we see blatant abuse of that ruling.

Does Council's rulings not have power over State and Federal candidates? Or was Council overreaching in applying the original ban? Can the Beagle sniff out an explanation for this seeming anomaly?

Terry McGee, Malua Bay.

Above: some of the many photos sent in by Beagle readers asking the same question as they see sign after sign along the highway. Feel free to send any photos you have of signs that are contrary to the candidate rules to Council. Candidate handbook NSW State By-election A person must not, during the regulated election period, publically display or permit or cause to be publically displayed, a poster consisting of electoral material that contravenes the law