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A correction for Clr Nathan to consider

Councillor Maureen Nathan took it upon herself to re-write history at during the council meeting on Tuesday. During the Public Forum presentation by Secretary of the Moruya Chamber of Commerce, Jude Manahan it was sated "In 2002 Southern Phone was created by local people from Moruya, who had a vision for a not for profit telco that would support councils around NSW." Later, during council discussion regarding the proposed sale of Southern Phone shares Councillor Maureen Nathan announced from left field "I'd like to take this moment to name that Council person". "It was General Manager Jim Levy, at the time who saw the funds were available for this kind of initiative and saw the opportunity for the region for the phone system and I would like it to go on record that the council person (Jude Manahan) alluded to is Jim Levy".

As much as Councillor Nathan might like to rewrite history and to see her declaration go on record, she is in error. It was NOT Jim Levy but council staff member Phil Herrick, at the time who SAW the funds were available for this kind of initiative and Phil Herrick who SAW the opportunity for the region for the phone system.  While Jim Levy, in his role as GM, took the idea to councillors via the agenda for their consideration and support, he was simply the messenger and not the author. It was Phil who established the company in 2002 after five years of establishment work and building a network. And it was Phil Herrick who was the CEO of Southern Phone from 2002 to 2014. As I was working with Council at the time I would like it to go on record that the correct information be recorded. Sadly however Ms Nathan's comment has now become part of the history of Council within the archives via the video recording.  Possibly the staff might like to consider expunging the error as they so ably expunged the 13 minutes of video record around Mr Peter Barnard suggesting mal.... well, you will never know as it was expunged.

At the next meeting Councillor Nathan might like to correct the record and offer an apology to Mr Phil Herrick as well.

Lei Parker editor of the Beagle


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