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Wake up Narooma. Do you really want the NAB to stay

The Editor, Today the CEO of NAB, Andrew Thorburn Tweeted "This week we’ve been confronted at the Royal Commission with examples of where we have failed to serve our customers with honour. I’m sorry. And my commitment is that we will learn and get better, so we can once again be a bank you respect and trust." Today we heard that the National Australia Bank continued charging advice fees to superannuation customers after they died. Turns out the NAB is paying more than $100 million in compensation to super customers charged a service fee for general advice when they didn't ask for or receive the advice This is a company that has admitted to not being a trusted bank and Narooma wants to fight to keep it. That is laughable. What about just walking across the road to the IMB. Or why not put an ad in the paper saying that there is an empty bank building available for a bank that wants to service a community. If there are more than one applicant then get the whole town to do a public meeting interview and scrutinise them. How many Naroomaites have been taken for a ride by NAB Super? Andrew Thorburn, your apology is too late. You want to learn and get better. You violated the community trust that you were a bank that people could respect and trust. If the council and the politicians lobby to keep the NAB in Narooma then they are fools - why not get someone in you can trust or better still withdraw your money and walk over the road to the IMB on the corner because they aren't in the "Bank Inquiry that the Liberal party said we didn't need to have". Name and address supplied

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