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The buck stops with Councillors yet they appear to have been bucked off the horse

Dear Beagle Editor,

The South Australian Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling begins Monday July 30 in South Australia, to be chaired by Bret Walker, SC.

This week the federal government filed in the High Court seeking injunctions and declarations that the Commissioner did not have the power to compel testimony from federal bureaucrats.

Governments at all levels appear to have forgotten the ‘public’ in public service and regard all information as owned by them to the exclusion of the public. Public servants are there to serve and not to dictate.

Walker, SC, is quoted as saying ““Communication needs sensible content, as media magnates know. If our use, exercise and enjoyment of a guaranteed freedom of political communication is to mean anything, we must have serious subject-matter, not merely propaganda or tribal barracking.”

“Without proper disclosure of critical matters known only to government, how can we – why should we – discuss anything about the topic in question with them? “

“Explanation and persuasion, two elements of the reform task, crucially depend on the flow of information from government to the people and, at least as importantly, from the people to government.”

A great number of people in the Eurobodalla are fed up with Council’s so called Community Engagement Strategy and are starting to demand transparency. The buck stops with our Councillors. Time to exercise your power and stop delegating.

Our Town Our Say supports honourable Councillors who take their Oath of Office seriously and who represent the community.

Coral Anderson for

Our Town Our Say

Above: In the policy wrangling event: No matter how hard they try the Eurobodalla councillors just can't wrest control from the obstinate bureaucratic, all knowing, paper-wallah