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Editorial Feb 23rd 2018

Welcome to this week’s editorial, It is slowly becoming clearer to many in the community that we are all players in a BIG GAME. We have Federal politics to raise and distribute the revenue, make the laws of the land, and generally goose around doing a whole lot of nebulous stuff rather than run the country. The Federal Government employs LOTS of people. Next level down are the States and they have their own divisions, budgets and rules and policies and they also have LOTS of people. They are in charge of Councils who, not wanting to be any different, also make lots of rules and policies, have their own budget and employ LOTS of people. They don’t like to call it a GAME. But it is; and it keeps them all employed, pays their mortgages, feeds their families and for many, strokes their egos. They are the white collar Public Servants. Do they actually achieve much. Well, that is often debateable. All the accomplishment is pretty much down to the staff on the floor and Blue Collar employees who are diligent, committed and are to be commended. Most of them shake their heads at the senior White Collars as well. You could say that the Government, as a whole, is a BLOODY BIG EMPLOYER. A lot of their time is spent dreaming up stuff for all their employees to do. See, they all have a commitment to ensure the continued employment of the staff they have. That sometimes mean building stuff we don’t want or need. Which is essential as it then employs more staff to maintain the stuff and gives reason to raise ore revenues. A lot of the time though the staff are conscripted to deal with “political matters” that have arisen which normally means that something has come up exposing the White Collar Game, or their Ego. Just imagine what our own senior council staff could be accomplishing if they weren’t huddled in back rooms having group-hug team building meetings as a result of being beaten and bruised by their own community for failing on many fronts. Instead the senior Council staff and Councillors are racing around stomping out burning paper-bags full of dog-poo that have been left on their porch rather than getting on with the business of providing the services they are paid for. Their continued retreat into secrecy has not fared them well of late, nor have the deceptions that have been revealed. Sadly though we are beginning to discover that the White Collar folk all look after each other and if a naughty brat of a little cousin Council steps out of line the older sibling being the Office of Local Government fails to guide it and teach it. So instead we end up with a smarmy little shit that believes it can get away with it again. And does. Each time the community reports Council to the OLG or to ICAC or the Ombudman’s Office there is a collective understanding by the community that it is useless because those who have been given the task to watch, guide and if required admonish are themselves either inept or indifferent and simply want to wake, go to their Ground Hog Day job to pay for their Ground Hog Day life and any degree of effort outside of the norm is not to be welcomed unless it is of major import that might result in a raise or accolade. Meanwhile the day to day open disregard that Council has for its community where it flaunts the rules, dares the community to protest and generally snub their noses are coming under considerable scrutiny and the indifferent watch dogs who are meant to be there to ensure that there is compliance, respect and regard shown by Council to its community and to the rules are also now being watched and reported—who too. Ministers with egos who want to be re-elected and budding ministers from the opposition who want to bring change. Until next, lei

Above: feel free to name the bags in the comments below - the graphics team have already suggested Huntfest NCAT, BBBC acquisition, Mackay Park consultation, Surfside SLR, Codes of Conduct, CON16/009 Feb 12th Minutes.... then there is Albert Ryan Park, the Spine Road intersection with the highway, the RMS submission, the overuse of Commercial In Confidence ... over to you .... any more bags of flaming poop to mention (comments will be moderated)

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