Good urchins being killed at Montague

Over the past few weeks, there's been a welcome discussion about the impact of high numbers of sea urchins on the marine environment. A disappointing development though is that there are reports that some people are going out to Montague Island to kill urchins with garden tools and screwdrivers.

This should not be happening, for various reasons:

. Any action HAS to be science-based if it is to have any useful impact;

. Indiscriminate killing of any wildlife is wrong;

. It's illegal to take more than 10 urchins;

There are several species of urchin on the south coast, only one of which is creating barrens

BAD URCHINS: Is this the future for the rocky reefs off the South Coast of NSW? Urchin barrens are bad for the environment, bad for the abalone and urchin fisheries and bad for fishing. But the state government is doing nothing about this problem.

(Photo below is a photo of a GOD URCHIN: Heliocidaris, a non-problem genus).

Photos: Nature Coast Marine Group

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