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Tuross Fishing Club news

The Goblet Weekend "Measure In" was held on Sunday 5th November 2017 at the Tuross Boatshed. Despite the weather suddenly turning cooler, we all had a great time until the drops of rain sent people home around 7pm. Again, we would like to thank Shannon, Casey and crew who looked after us all very well. The weekend however, generally brought warm, sunny days and several sun burnt faces (remember sunblock people!) which meant for an enjoyable weekend of fishing. In all there were 18 anglers who participated; comprising of 7 Ladies, 1 Junior and 11 Men, who measured in 42 fish in total.


Mystery fish no. 5 (Bream) winner was David Backhouse with a Bream of 28.1cm


Goblet: Blackfish John Suthern (below) 39 cm 96.67 points


Outside Gav Robinson Flying Gurnard 47 cm 129.88 points

Lake and Estuary Peter Dugan whiting 40 cm 102.22 points

Rock & Beach N/A


Outside Jeannie Dixon Pigfish 36 cm 82.38 points

Lake and Estuary Vicki Ballard D/Flathead 61.5 cm 69.84 points

Rock & Beach N/A

Junior N/A

Turkey…… Scott Paul for losing his thong out of the boat in the morning and finding it floating late afternoon

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