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As if we have too many toilets in BBay- have another look councillors and stop being led by the nose

Dear Beagle Editor, For all those heading south you may have noticed the old toilet block on the left hand side of the bridge heading south at Narooma has been recently demolished and a new and rather large looking block of toilet is emerging, I have been told that these public toilet will be state of the art.

Many who had discussions with our previous Mayor would know doubt have heard him say that due to a health scare it made him realize the importance of disabled toilets and how few of those toilets even have the important hooks that are needed for anyone having to carry the much needed bags required for the condition he was battling.

In reading many articles I understand there is a group of people trying desperately to retain toilets at Albert Ryan Park Batemans Bay, and I congratulate this group. What our councilors must realize is "what is good for the goose is also good for the gander", why shouldn't the toilets on Albert Ryan Park rise to a modern "state of the art" public toilet similar to what is being build at Narooma. We certainly do not want to see the toilets at Albert Ryan Park decommissioned and then knocked down. There is no logic in that decision whatsoever.

I understand that a councilor raised this issue at a recent council briefing only to be told words to the affect hat "Council would contact the RMS to see who was in control". This matter seems to be going around and around in circles as I remember reading articles in relation to this land and whilst it has been acknowledge by Council that the RMS own this land the council have control of it.

COUNCILORS I will put it in very SIMPLY terms - surely you must realize how ludicrous your intention is to decommission a toilet block on a public reserve with the very obvious intent of selling the block of land. How could Council possibly move to have these toilets decommissioned if they didn't "have control of these toilets" - if it is true and what I have been told at last weeks Council Briefing about these toilets I think you need to be questioning the truth of the advice and start asking questions to the person who gave you this advice. While there might be a sign that gives Council care and control that does not mean control of the title so that you can ignore the fact that it is a PUBLIC RESERVE and sell the land for your own political gains. Council and councillors. Exactly who do your represent?

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