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Council letter tells Tuross Progress and community to suck eggs

Council determines to tell Tuross to stick their objections for the sale of Lot 277 (corner of Beach Street and Tuross Boulevarde) up their arse.... In a "fingers firmly in the ears - suck this in Tuross - we make the rules - you weren't watching - should have read the fine print - it was all on the council website - we wrote to everyone (well not everyone - in fact just a few) and we engaged with the whole community and they all agreed - (yes, we know they didn't but we ignored that)" response received by the Tuross Head Progress Association it appears, in the mind of the Mayor, that the deal is done Lot 277 will be sold by Council (for an estimated $400,000) and a two story house can be built on it. The failed appeal of the THPA requesting that the block not be sold and returned to the community as community land after being reclassified by Council from Public Gardens so it could be sold has sorely disappointed those who have heard the news. The block was identified as seemingly unused and that was justification enough for the money hungry Council who were crying poor just before they bumped up the rates by 21% after IGNORING a petition of 11000 signatures from across the Shire. The Mayor had advised the THPA that if they could show a use for the land she might reconsider its FOR SALE status. The THPA did just that and briefed out a Tuross Heritage Park for the site for the Council's consideration.

Above: With the new generation of signs they are digitally interactive which means that they can be linked to video and sound for more information or for the visually impaired via a Quick Reference (QR) code. (Above- a concept idea only to offer an example) In the letter below you will note that Council is NOT at all apologetic that the WIDER COMMUNITY OF TUROSS HEAD DID NOT KNOW COUNCIL WERE PROPOSING TO CHANGE THE LAND FROM COMMUNITY TO FOR SALE. Most in the town still DO NOT KNOW. Boiling it down Council's comment on the issue have basically been: well, the community thought it was privately owned by the people on the corner so they obviously didn't know it was a public reserve so tough titties if they are too ill informed to not know that it was a park - and because they didn't use it we decided to sell it because we want the money yes, we know that most of the community don't read the meeting agendas or trawl through the Council website and that our communication generally sucks with the wider community and we rely on local groups to read through all the reports and if they miss something then what do you want us to do? that's just how it is - if the community is so indifferent to local politics and to what Council is doing then stuff them... we will just do what we want and then cop the flak later if they ever wise up. We can write a letter and say publicly we did everything that was legal and therefore anything that is said about the matter from that point on is just water of a ducks back. Here is Council's water of a ducks back letter that basically says that because the community didn't protest at the time ... then stiff sh*t... deals done.... move on. 23rd June, 2017 Dear Gary (Gary Cooper, President Tuross Head Progress Association) Thank you for your letter of 20 May 2017 requesting I consider a submission and Motion for a digital Heritage Park on Lot 277 Tuross Boulevarde Tuross Head. Please accept my apologies for the delay in this response. However, I wanted to fully investigate all the background and issues related to this request. As you know, there has been extensive engagement with the community and stakeholders on this site dating back to 2012 and I have summarised this below. In addition, it’s timely to remember that the reason Council resolved to go through the process of identifying sites across the Shire suitable for sale, was so that funds could be allocated to improving recreation facilities throughout Eurobodalla for the benefit of many in our community. Community and stakeholder engagement on this matter since 2012 has included:  The planning proposal to reclassify land was exhibited from 27 February 2012 to 10 April 2012, including an extended public exhibition to ensure community awareness of the planning proposal and its effects.  Notification was sent via mail on 20 February 2012 to all adjacent owners prior to the exhibition period informing them of the exhibition and how to obtain further information or make a submission.  Council received a submission from THPA on 5 April 2012 and acknowledged receipt of it on 12 April 2012.  A public hearing was held at Moruya Council Chambers on Thursday 19 April 2012 to which your Association and others who made a submission were invited. The invitation was dated 12 April 2012 in the same letter acknowledging your submission.  On the 6 June 2012, a link to the final report of the independent consultant was emailed to  On 19 July 2012, correspondence was sent out advising your Association and all members of the community who had previously made a submission, of the date of the Council meeting on 24 July 2012, explaining how they could access the report containing this information and inviting them to speak in Public Forum on the day. This was sent to you by email on 18 July 2012.  The independent planning consultant supported the reclassification of Lot 277 in his final report to Council which was attached to the report to the 24 July 2012 Council meeting.  At that meeting, there were a number of public speakers although no-one spoke concerning Lot 277. Council resolved to proceed with the reclassification of some lots, including Lot 277, and not to proceed with others.  On 9 August 2012 further correspondence was sent out advising your Association and other members of the community that Council had considered the planning proposal and how they could access minutes outlining Council’s resolution on this issue. Council is working with the two parties directly affected by the outcome of the reclassification process in a fair and positive manner. Given the extensive engagement already undertaken over a number of years, and the significant consideration by Council during this time, I regretfully will not be reopening this matter in relation to another motion to Council. I appreciate the extensive work that the Tuross Head Progress Association has carried out in preparing its submission for a Heritage Park to be located on Lot 277 Tuross Boulevarde. Council would be happy to work with the Association to find another site for this proposal in Tuross Head. Should you wish to pursue the Heritage Park on another location in Tuross, please do not hesitate to contact my office Yours faithfully Councillor Liz Innes Mayor So that's it Tuross. The sale of the land on the corner is planned to go ahead. The land will conditions set. It will have a footprint where it can sit. There will also be conditions set on it not being allowed a back shed, garage, swimming pool that will get in the view that the neighbours currently have to the sea. These conditions might limit the scope someone might plan for the block however there are no restrictions on style. It is of interest that the reason the houses in this section are one story is because Council imposed that many years ago - now they say that doesn't apply any more. So now the Tuross community will be able to look at the new house on the corner and remember the day, June 23rd, 2017, was shafted by the Council who snuck in like a mangy village dog and stole a parcel of dedicated community park land with the justification that NO ONE WAS USING IT.

Above: Get used it Tuross - Council is hell bent on selling this land and the community protests to the Mayor and Councillors are water of a ducks back because in their mind the deal is done and therefore can't be undone which is TOTAL BULLSH*T

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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