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Proposal to reduce speed limits into Tuross

The Tuross Head Progress Association secretary recently wrote to the Eurobodalla Council Traffic Committee regarding the current speed limits on Hector McWilliam Drive. Lake Street residents in seeking a reduction of the current speed limit of 60 KPH down to 50 KPH for vehicles travelling eastwards along along Hector McWilliam Drive from Mylott Close. to join up the the existing 50 KPH above the golf course approaching the Allenby Road “T” intersection.

At the 4 May 17 meeting the Secretary THPA was challenged by resident, Lei Parker, in saying that the THPA submission to Council seeking a reduction in the speed limit from Lake Street to Allendy Road should have been labelled as a personal request from John Tilbrook, as a resident, and not the THPA. He outlined the history of speed limits that have been applied over the years on this section of Hector McWilliam Drive and pointed out the over the past three decades the speed limit between the Princes Highway and the Allenby Road intersection has been reduced firstly from 100 KPH to 80 KPH, and more recently from 80 KPH to the current 60 KPH.

There was then considerable debate during the Progress Association meetings on what the speed limit should be. Those living along that section of roadway wanted the speed limit reduced from 60 KPH to 50 KPH.

Some considered that by reducing the speed limit the actual speed of most vehicles vehicles entering and leaving Tuross might be dampened down to the desired 60 KPH, as it is not uncommon for drivers to continue to drive at speeds of between 80 KPH and 100 KPH on this section of roadway, making it unsafe for vehicles to either enter or exit their driveways, or exit from Lake Street, Foam Street and Anderson Avenue. The general consensus was that there was indeed a case for trying to dampen down the excessive speed that many vehicles travel at whilst driving into Tuross and in particular, along the built up urban area between Lake Street and Allenby Road. In closing the discussion at the last THPA meeting the suggestion was made to make the case for a new 60 KPH Speed Limit sign to be erected at the top of the hill before the Lakeside caravan park entrance, so that vehicles can more readily adhere the the advisory speed limit sign posting of 55 KPH on the steep downhill “S bend ” when passing the entrance and exits of the Tuross Lake Caravan Park. In that way the speed of the majority of vehicles travelling into Tuross should have reduced to around 60 KPH by the time they reach Lake Street?

The THPA suggests a new 60 KPH Speed Limit sign be erected adjacent to Casuarina Grove on Hector McWilliam Drive prior to the extant 55 KPH Advisory Speed Sign depicted above.The change in speed zones from 80 KPH to 60 KPH at this juncture would serve to aid road safety on this steep bend, past the entrances to the Caravan Park, and along the Kyla Park precinct to Lake Street, by which time vehicles should have had ample opportunity to reduce their speed to the desired 60 KPH by the time they reach the urban fringe of Tuross Head.

Above: The current speed change signs on Hector McWilliam Drive just prior to Mylott Close can remain in place. For the consideration of the Eurobodalla Roads & Traffic Committee.

The following summary was recorded in the Minutes.


14. John Tilbrook as a Tuross resident, and not Secretary THPA, has written to the Deputy Mayor as Chairman of the Road Safety Committee requesting a reduction in the speed limit from 60 KPH to 50 KPH from Lake Street to Allenby Road.

15. Although supported by residents living in Lake Street and that section of Hector McWilliam Drive, the mood of the meeting was to keep the present 60 KPH speed limit, but consider moving the beginning of the 60 KPH speed limit one kilometre west, just before the 55 KPH Advisory Speed sign before entering the bend and downhill section immediately before the Tuross Lakes Caravan Park. That would assist patrons entering and exiting the caravan park, and would enable cars entering Tuross to reduce the speed of their vehicles by the time they reached Lake Street, as presently it is not uncommon for vehicle to be travelling at speeds of up to 100 KPH when passing Lake Street and beyond, with the most prevalent offenders being local Tuross residents.

ACTION: Secretary THPA to inform Deputy Mayor Anthony Mayne.

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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