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When training goes hand in hand with the real deal - BBay Marine Rescue

A busy Sunday for crews at Marine Rescue Batemans Bay. After a morning of in-depth training on engineering on their vessels, crews headed out to conduct training in the open waters of Batemans Bay.

While enroute to our training location, they were called to assist a fishing trawler. After assisting the vessel crew to get their engine started, crews returned to regular training exercises involving our regular safety drills, radar exercises, anchoring and general manoeuvring. Just after the crews had berthed the vessels for the day, the fishing trawler again requested assistance, this time with a steering problem and required a tow. BM21 and BM30 both launched again, and BM21 was first on the scene, attaching a tow line to keep the vessel in safe waters before BM30 took over the tow, carefully manoeuvering the large vessel into her berth at the Batemans Bay Marina.

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