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List of Council issues longer than an arm

The Beagle Editor

Since the Beagle Weekly has been in production several of the Beagle's correspondents over the time of the Beagle's production have been very critical of the local Council Performances. Has a record of the matters that the Beagle correspondents believe council has poorly dealt with been kept so a detailed submission of the issues can be assembled and presented to the Council as a submission with recommendations to improve the performance of the Council and Councillors on behalf of the Shires Residents ?

Allan Brown

Catalina Editors Note: Feel free to add any issues you know of that the new Councillors should be made aware of so that they can learn that there is some history that is still to be dealt with before "moving forward". Maybe a Header of the Issue with a brief overview so that each issue can then be discussed beneath as a thread

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