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Light at One Tree Point not to be replaced

For many years there has been a light at One Tree Point. First installed after the Tuross Rotters carried out replanting and landscaping of One Tree Point the light has served the community well. Recent upgrades to the point with new decking and disable access saw the failed light overlloked as part of the upgrade. The Tuross Head Progress Association submitted a request to Council on 26 Nov 16 with several follow up emails asking for the light to be reinstated. A response (below) has now been received saying that Council will NOT be restoring the light. The copy of Council's reply sets out Council’s considerations concerning the THPA request that focused on t trying to reduce possible anti-social behavior at the location and on public safety and duty of care in providing light to the Point. This item will be listed as an agenda for discussion at the 6th April THPA meeting (Kyla Hall 2:00pm). Council's Letter to the THPA, Thank you for your email of 16 March 2017 regarding the light at One Tree Point. Council has considered the installation of a light at the One Tree Point and it has been determined that it is not appropriate for the light to be replaced at the viewing platform. In coming to this decision the following were considered: Reduction and control of antisocial behaviour. Antisocial behaviour has been an issue in the past, in both this location, and other locations. In some cases it is appropriate to provide light as it improves passive surveillance of an area. However in the case of the One Tree Point viewing platform the site is sufficiently remote from the carpark that there would be a negligible benefit to the passive surveillance by installing a light. Indeed the installation of a light may make the site more attractive to those whose intentions are less than desirable and community minded and thus may result in an increase in antisocial behaviour. Improved safety for rock fishing The Eurobodalla Shire does not provide dedicated light sources for the safety of rock fishermen in any other locations within the shire. Where there is a light that is used by rock fishermen it is incidental to another function. Rock fishing is an activity that exposes people to potential risks. Anyone doing so should satisfy themselves as to their own personal safety. Any safety measures that they incorporate into their activity should be at their discretion, including adequate lighting to do so safely.

Photo by Nathan Spencer

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