And what of the election spiels now the dust has settled

The Beagle Editor

Several months have now passed since the Council Election in September 2016 that voted 6 new faces into Council and 3 past councillors. During the time just before the September 2106 Council election, several of the candidates made statements of what they’d do if they were elected to represent the shires residents. One of the community expectations in Batemans Bay has been the development of the Old Bowling Club Site in Batemans Bay into an Aquatic Centre. At least a couple of the now Councillors encouraged community thinking along those lines with their Comments of Community Support for a proposed aquatic centre in B/Bay partly funded by the sale of other community assets. Since the September 2016 Council Elections there’s been no public comment from the Councillors about any progress on that matter. Our elected Councillors need to keep the community properly informed with how that’s progressing at the present time if only to keep faith with the community.

Allan Brown


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