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Tuross lone pine to stay or else

Without doubt the fastest easiest way to get the attention of Tuross Head residents and "really p*ss them" off is to announce that there is "optional removal" on the table to remove a perfectly healthy tree for no reason whatsoever other than to "reinstate the integrity of the original plantation" as shown in the Draft Plan below . A very vocal group arrived at the site today to voice their opinion and their bewilderment that Council would actually announce something "so insensitive of a community they know is passionate for these iconic trees" and so "downright stupid".

Above: the tip of the iceberg of Turossians who say "Save our Tree"

The self-seeded Norfolk Pine growing on the rocks on the shoreline behind the Tuross Head Memorial Walls has been identified in recent Council plans with an "optional removal" that would see it cut down and completely removed by Council.

In context the plantation of Norfolks pines in the gardens which are now heritage listed were planted by Hector McWilliam, the founding father of Tuross Head as we know it with its iconic trees. John Tilbrook of the THPA said, "The tenacity and audacity of this little pine tree, the offspring of Hector's original trees to just pop up where it wished sees it now considered for removal in the draft design plans for the Memorial Gardens."

"Over the years this struggling pine has become our very own nature’s Lone Pine, and is the backdrop to ANZAC Day Dawn Services and the Remembrance Day services in November, but moreover this tree has become the symbol around which relatives have been scattering the ashes of their departed loved ones at this tranquil location on the shoreline. LET THE TREE LIVE! is what they all said today at the Memorial Gardens. Many wanted to yell out "Piss off Council" but that wouldn't be nice for the kiddies. "It is not known who in Council came up with the idea to remove the tree in the first place however if they truely want to "reinstate the integrity of the original plantation" then they had better cut down the other Lone Pine that was planted in the Memorial Gardens as well" said Alan, a local resident John Tilbrook of the Tuross Head Progress Association and organiser of today's on-site protest advised "Council has set a deadline for making comment to 3 March 2017. In the instance that there aren't many submissions and Council deem that only a handful of the "usual suspects" are complaining and therefore the silent majority want the tree gone let them be on notice that that viewpoint will NOT be tolerated".

Councillor Mayne, who was unable to attend today ventured out to visit the location last week to see the tree for himself and posted on his Community Voice Eurobodalla Facebook Page: "Save the Miracle Tree!" A self-seeded Lone Pine has grown up among the rocks at the Tuross Memorial Gardens. A magnificent symbol of new life on the Eurobodalla - South Coast NSW The Tuross Head Progress Association want the "Miracle Tree" to remain. New life, indeed a "miracle", are always worth celebrating. Wonderful to be hearing the community voice on this matter in an effort to save the tree. "Save the Miracle Tree" I say.

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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