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Maloneys Beach Residents Association Meeting and AGM - Mar 12th

Maloneys Beach Residents Association Meeting and AGM When: 12th March at 2:30–3:30 Where: Maloneys Beach Cafe & Cellar 121 Maloneys Drive, Maloneys Beach The Maloneys Beach Residents Association (MBRA) is flying high and proud to have reached over 100 followers on their Maloneys Beach Residents Association Facebook page this week! Be sure to Like and and sharing the page... The MBRA work hard to keep you informed on local (and broader) issues, news, events, etc. and they thank the community for their support. The Maloneys Beach Residents Association The strong and united community of Maloneys Beach felt the need to create an association to have a powerful voice on environment, council and community matters. The MBRA was incorporated on 27th August 2006 as a platform to mobilise and inform residents on relevant issues. The first rally of residents was formed to protest at a proposal for a conference centre on private land on the adjacent Murramurang National Park. The development included a 140 units and an auditorium for 700 people. The Association's opposition to this development was so effective that it rallied 150 protestors and gain coverage of the event on Win TV. Opposition to the development was twofold, traffic increase and bushfire susceptibility. Residents' objections were upheld. Our Motto: "To provide residents a community voice and lobbying body for the promotion of community expectations."