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Tuross Fisho's Australia Day

Tuross Head recreational fishing community unexpectedly lost one of its stalwart fraternity to a suspected heart attack. The recreational fishing groups were left feeling rather flat leading up to Australia Day and Tuross local scallywag David Rothwell felt the fishers need a fun event to lift people’s spirits. So, with a sense of fun, a one day fishing competition was organised where people could catch and release anything that swims and record the length giving the accumulated length of all fish caught. The top four fishers were then entered into a pavlova eating competition with the fastest pavlova eater deemed to be the winner.

The event was held at dusk at one tree point with people dressed in the spirit of the day and the Australian flag framing the Pacific Ocean scenery. The smells of food being barbequed mingled with the music and oratory coming from the loudspeakers. It was a good event and achieved its purpose.

RIP Stevan (Steve) Tomin.

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