Bay Bowlo - the next site for a Huntfest ?

Dear Beagle Editor, Council's Public Health Policy and AMA It has now been nine months since the council proudly purchased the old bowling club site. For nine months, it has sat there falling into disrepair and a target for vandals/graffiti buffs. So, when will some community group be allowed to use this building? How about another HuntFest – where one can celebrate the slaughter of animals for pleasure, sign up for the ‘sport’ of safari hunting, and can even purchase a firearm. Would the good people of Batemans Bay embrace such a festival in their town? Council has a duty of care in relation to matters of public health. I call upon the council to kindly release a response/policy statement in relation to the recent Australian Medical Association’s press release regarding the sale of firearms being a public health issue. They either endorse the AMA’s stance or they do not. Name and address provided

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