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Mogo Collective launched

Congratulations to the Mogo Collective on their grand opening last Friday night. The Collective is a fresh new approach to retail with artisans and collectors able to have a "space" within the collective that is managed for them. Most collectives require artists to take turns of "running the business" however in the case of the Mogo Collective artists and collectors are able to arrive, restock, redress the space and then leave the sales and paperwork to the managers of the Collective who rent the spaces by the square metre and provide front of house sales and service. With all the discussions about malls and strip-retail and the expense of rental the Collective approach is becoming a lot more common place in the city. The idea for the Mogo Collective was inspired by a recent trip to Adelaide where it is fast becoming the norm for artists who only need a small space to display yet don't want to waste valuable creative time by having to also managing the sales.

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