Supermoon - Nov 14th

On November 14th, the biggest ‘supermoon’ since January 1948 will rise and, according to NASA, no matter where you are in the planet you'll be able to see the ‘supermoon’ so long as the clouds stay away. On November 14th (actually at 12:52am Nov 15th) the Moon will be the closest to Earth (called perigee) it has been in the 21st century, as it orbits the planet.The full Moon won’t come this close again to earth until November 25, 2034. It's expected the Moon will appear about 30 percent brighter and 14 per cent larger. Moon rise is 7:15pm.

‘Supermoons’ are made possible due to the fact that the Moon’s orbit around Earth isn't perfectly circular.When the Moon is at its closest point to our planet, it's actually about 30,000 miles closer than it is at apogee.

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